About Us

Divix Golf was started in 1998 – when it fully separated from it’s parent company GT Knives. Known for making one of the finest automatic tactical knives in the country – Founder Todd Jones sought to continue that commitment to quality and innovation and bring it to the Golf world.

The original Divix Tool took the world by storm. And soon Divix added new models, refined existing ones, and continued to push forward with exciting new products and in new directions.

Now 14+ years later – Divix offers a full host of products & services, a list that has grown far beyond golf tools and reaches out toward creating full service solutions for Golf Events, Golf Courses & Pro Shops alike.

Don’t be Fooled by Imitators – Divix is The Original Switchblade Action Golf Tool.

Our patented switchblade action has inspired a few knockoffs – we suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but don’t be fooled! The DX & DXCP are the originals, are Made in the USA &  have a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Divix Golf has a commitment to US Businesses. We manufacture & distribute Made in the USA products, purchase supplies from US based vendors/manufacturers & provide friendly, intelligent & helpful US based customer service/support. In these troubling economic times, we feel the importance of banding together as a country and returning our Great Nation to the pinnacle of industry & commerce.

We are also taking steps to reduce our ecological impact and increasing our efficiency across all aspects of our business. From using recycled/reclaimed materials to moving toward paperless administrative processes – we want to do our part in securing a better world for future generations.

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