DX and DXCP Switchblade

The Divix DX and DXCP – (CP = Cigar Punch) are the original Switchblade Divot Tool(s). Designed by golfers for golfers, Divix is lightwieght and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.
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DXB Aluminum Edition

To commemorate it’s 10 year anniversary Divix Golf Commissioned David Todd Exclusive Designs to create a limited edition piece that represents the Style and Innovation that Divix has become known for.
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GP Thruster

The Thruster GP  Divot Tool w/ Stiletto ActionIt’s OTF Sliding Divot Fork locks into place easily and retracts automatically with the push of a button when you’re done.  

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GP Thruster Combo

The New Divix Thruster-Combo GP Divot Tool w/ Stiletto Action – is available in durable glass nylon composite material (GP) for balance and weight. With one-handed, out-the-front action and custom ball marker.
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Tournament Gift Set

The Divix Tournament Gift Set beautifully showcases a Divix divot repair tool, Hat Clip & Additional Ball Marker in an acrylic presentation style case.
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Carapel.Jones (CJ) Putter

The CJ Putter is the Revolutionary Putter from Carapel.Jones and is the first Putter ever to use it’s patented PFR (Positive Forward Roll) Technology.
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Ball Buddy

Golfers will truly appreciate the unique design exclusive of The Ball Buddy. This innovative belt clip holds 2 golf balls and 2 tees*. It is top loading and you can easily… » Read More
Mini Hat Clip

Never misplace your ball marker again. The Divix Mini Hat Clip features a base that easily slides on the brim of any standard baseball (style) hat. Any Divix ™ brand ball marker… » Read More

Sports Bracelet by David Todd

Designed by David Todd Exclusive Designs – these lightweight & fashionable wristband accessories feature a fully custom designed bezel piece encasing a magnetically… » Read More
Custom Lapel Pins

Our lapel pins are sure to impress. Each pin is solid metal with a gold or silver finish, and features an acrylic dome over the logo imprint. These simple, yet fashionable… » Read More


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